Hiring a Crypto PR Agency

When hiring a crypto PR agency, make sure to look for an NFT and crypto PR team. The team should be well versed in the nuances of building a community and generating hype about a product. Specifically, the agency should be able to pitch mainstream media, which includes CoinDesk, TechCrunch, Mashable, and the Wall Street Journal. Moreover, the team should also have connections to mainstream publications.

The first step in creating an effective press release is pitching a story idea to journalists. The PR agency should also consult outside experts to ensure the accuracy of the information. The press release should also be short and sweet – it is rarely revised and edited. One of the biggest names in crypto PR is Wachsman, which has offices in New York, Dublin, and Singapore. Its clients include Hedera Hashgraph and NEM.

Another global cryptocurrency PR agency is SlicedBrand, which focuses on innovation. The firm’s team is deeply knowledgeable about the blockchain and cryptocurrency, and the team emphasizes strategic storytelling. Their CEO, Mike Slicer, was recently selected as one of Business Insider’s Top PR Pros for the Tech Industry in 2020. With a wealth of experience, SlicedBrand has helped numerous clients reach their audience. With the help of their experts, your company can gain recognition in a highly competitive market.

Another good crypto PR agency is FINN Partners. This company is unique in that it emphasizes the human aspect. The team is comprised of award-winning architects and innovators with decades of experience working with cryptocurrency businesses. MarketAcroos also delivers premium content marketing. The company has won several awards for being one of the best places to work in the industry. It is highly recommended that you hire a cryptocurrency PR agency. You’ll be glad you did!

Some blockchain projects make the mistake of trying to reach the masses, but in order to reach a specific audience, they need to be targeted. For example, a game-focused project like GameFi should target gaming and development news sites. Many people get tired of reading about blockchain technology, so you need a PR agency with experience in giving your campaigns a creative twist. If you are a newcomer to the crypto space, you can’t afford to waste valuable marketing resources on boring content that does little to promote your brand.

A well-known cryptocurrency PR agency has established relationships with blockchain reporters and media outlets. They can secure coverage for your brand on reputable cryptocurrency podcasts and invite it to conferences. They can also promote your product or service by publishing full-featured articles, interviews, quotes, and video clips. These featured content pieces are then published in mainstream media. With this, you can be assured that your brand will be at the top of minds of the public.

The Whitlatch team works with a variety of different crypto projects. They spread the word on social media and in groups. They are also responsible for spreading good vibes on Telegram and the like. For example, if you’re working with an early stage crypto project, you’ll want your team members to spread the word about the project and its goals. If someone is tweeting about their own personal life, it could ruin your project’s reputation.