4 reasons why stickers are a great marketing strategy

4 reasons why stickers are a great marketing strategy

When you hear marketing, do you think stickers? No? Then it is about time to change that! 

Stickers are one of the most effective marketing tools you will find, and you can use them regardless of your size or sector.

This blog post will discuss our top three reasons why you should find a sticker maker today and include sticker marketing in your next campaign planning.

  1. They’re affordable at any stage

Usually, you would think that anything custom-made will exceed your advertising budget. Especially if you are a start-up or a small business.

But stickers are the fabulous exception. They are completely customisable, yet will only come to a few pence per sticker. This means that you can skip the queue and design your product packaging like a pro.

You can even choose stickers that represent your business’s values and beliefs. Our favourites are custom die cut stickers. Their custom shape makes you stand out!

  1. They’re eye-catching and colourful

A great sticker design absolutely has to stand out. You can either let your creativity run free or turn to free online tools for inspiration. Most of these have editable templates that will help you create your ideal design.

Opt for bright and vibrant colours that will get noticed in a busy space or speak for your product. Or you can even pick an effect material that sparkles.

We find the custom vinyl stickers give you the best results and make your campaigns last, no matter if you use them outdoors or inside.

  1. They can be used to communicate a message or brand very quickly

Stickers are the original social media. They are small, sharable and colourful – bound to grad the attention of people passing by.

Make use of their intrinsic advertising features and spread your message. If you are looking for some inspiration, type “guerrilla marketing” into Google, you won’t be disappointed.

And the best part? Stickers are fun! People love sticking them on things and showing them off to their friends. This gives you a great opportunity for word-of-mouth marketing and makes your sticker campaign a sure-fire success.

  1. They’re versatile and can be placed everywhere

We mentioned earlier that stickers are social media gold. That’s because they offer a creative space for marketers to be as wacky or professional as they want to be.

There is no other marketing tool that gives you this much freedom. You can be as creative as you want with your stickers, and there is no limit to the ideas you can come up with.

And you can stick them anywhere. Window stickers are great for physical shopfronts, whereas bike and car stickers can really get your brand seen.

And there you have it: 4 reasons why stickers are a great marketing strategy. Do you have any other tips we should add to the list? Then let us know in the comments.